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Q. Ok, so what is GiftsForPoints?
A. GiftsForPoints is a website that encourages you to fill out sponsored surveys for free prizes from the website.

Q. What are the prizes?
A. Prizes can be anything from Xbox 360 controllers to World of Warcraft prepaid time cards to cell phones and ipods and can be seen here.

Q. What if I don’t see a prize that I want?
A. First, go to and browse any of their products. If you find something you like or you would want then go to the main page and enter Rewards1 Support Ticket and the awesome guys at GiftsForPoints will get back to you in a day or so with the amount of points need for you to claim that prize. Generally $1=1 point.

Q. How do I get points?
A. There are two ways to get points. First there are “Offers” you can complete that gives you a certain amount of points per offer depending on the offer. There are 4 different types of offers.

  • Free – These are the easiest and usually the quickest to do. The only downside is they are typically the lowest paying.
  • CC-Free, requires credit card – usually pay more but you must be careful to read the terms of the offer as they may charge after the trial period if not cancelled in time.
  • CC-Pay, requires credit card – are the highest paying offers, but require you to make a purchase.
  • Cellphone – these offers require a cellphone, and may or may not be free.

The easiest way to get the maximum amount of points from offers is by creating a few spam accounts at free email websites like: Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail. This will allow you to enter a valid email that you can check without having your main email spamed. Also, stay away from using fake information as it is grounds for your account to be banned. As i was told by:
Another Tip: “Do the offers from the front first. Don’t worry if the ones in front are all about lipstick and mascara and the offers in the back are Ferrari’s and XBox’s, you want to get as many points as quickly as possible – don’t be fooled by “cool” looking or high paying offers.”

Q. What is the second way?
A. Referrals. Get your friends to sign up for GiftsForPoints with your unique link and you can get 20% of whatever they make. Also, GiftsForPoints often has “referral contests” where the user who gets the top 10 most referrals during a certain time period can win a nice amount of points. The only catch is that the person who is referred has to complete at least 1 offer. The complete rules for the December contest can be found here. To help you with your referrals there are Referral Banners.

Q. Where should I put my referral link/banners?
Another great way I found to help get referrals is through sites such as

Q. How do I use
A. A full tutorial can be found Here.

Q. Can’t I just refer myself sign up for two accounts and beat the system?
A. No, it is clearly stated in the Terms of Service that there is only 1 account allowed per person and only 1 account allowed per household. Do not try to sign up for another account on the same internet as you could be banned. R1 and the offer sites track your ISP # which is unique to your home. Also, when doing offers use only the computer that you used to sign up with and also use only in the same place you signed up at. (The ISP is different for example at your work than at your home.) There is a whole topic on this discussed here.

Q. Is there an easier way to get offers without having to type all my information over and over into all these different sites?
A. Yes, there is a program where you can type in your information and then with a simple click of the button you can fill out the applicable information instantly. The program can be downloaded from here for free. If your main browser is Firefox (which I suggest) then there can be a button on your toolbar that you can press and it fills out your info as i stated before. I am not sure how it works on other browsers such as Netscape, Internet Explorer etc.

Q. Why am I not getting points for my completed surverys?
A. From GiftsForPoints FAQ

Q. If I do an offer and I don’t get credit for it can I do it again?
A. Yes, most offers give you credit within 15-20 minutes but some can take up to a day. Before you do that offer again wait 24 hours and make sure you clear your cookies before you do the same offer again, otherwise you will probably get the same result. However, DO NOT try to redo an offer you already received credit for. It is a violation of the Terms of Service.

Q. How often should I clear my cookies?
A. A lot of people say that you should clear cookies after every survey but I like to clear them after about every 5 or 6 cookies. This gives the offers enough time(usually) to be received and credited to your account.

Q. Ok, I have a lot of points now what do I do?
A. If your prize is on the list of Available Prizes then you can choose which prize you want and click the “Request this prize” link underneath your choice of prize(s). Depending on the prize it will be 2-7 days before the prize(s) will be processed and shipped/emailed. If you want a prize from, send a support ticket in with the link of the prize and they will tell you the cost and order if for you. Note: If the prize you request is under 25(excluding email prizes such as codes) standard shipping costs apply.

Q. I have waited so and so days, why haven’t they responded?
A. Be patient! Everyone else on this website will tell you that. The guys that run this are very busy people and if they haven’t responded yet they will soon!


  • Create a few free spam email accounts at sites like Yahoo!, Hotmail and Gmail to keep unwanted spam out of your main email inbox.
  • Use real information for offers but switch up your emails with every different offer. Have a cycle, for example: use your yahoo email, then your hotmail email then your gmail email and then start the cycle over again.
  • Clear the cookies after every 6 or so offers completed.
  • Be careful where you put your referral code, (some forums may ban you for misuse.)
  • Leave the windows/tabs up long enough to get the points more often.
  • Some offers take up to a day to be credited to you. So wait at least 24 hours before you try an offer again.
  • Don’t try to cheat. YOU WILL GET CAUGHT!
  • Get your friends to join via your referral link, more points for you
  • Put your link on your: Facebook, Myspace, Forum, Digg, Youtube, AIM and whatever other profiles you have.
  • Use “RoboForm” to quickly and easily fill out offers and surveys.
  • Use to help get referrals for your account.
  • Be patient and courteous, it makes things so much easier on everyone here, and frankly, no one likes a douchebag.
  • If you still need help private message me and I’ll be glad to help if I can

Have fun and enjoy guys!

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